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Abbot Langley
Abbot Langley

Released 12 July 2001 (Update)
Race Human
Quest NPC No
Location Monastery
Shop No
Skill requirement None
Quest requirement None
Pay-to-play No
Gender Male
Examine A Peaceful monk
Notable features Restores players' hits.
Abbot Langley is an NPC who is located on the Eastern ground floor of the Monastery. When talking to Abbot Langley, players can request him to restore their hits if they are hurt. Abbot Langley is useful for pkers and players training on the monks in the area if they are low in hits. If you try to climb the ladder he stands near, he will stop you until you ask to join the monks order, which requires level 31 prayer. You must also have at least 31 prayer points when you ask. Most players refer to this order as the Prayer Guild.


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In Runescape 2, Langley has a monk ring hairstyle, and a beard with sideburns.

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