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Aggie is a non combative witch NPC who resides in Draynor Village. Her house contains a spawn of both tomato and cheese. She can create dyes for the player, which can then be used on a basic cape to change it's colour.


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Obtaining dyes from Aggie

Aggie can create red, blue, and yellow dyes in exchange for giving the witch various items and coins.

  • Bluedye[sic]: 5 coins and 2 woad leaves
  • Reddye[sic]: 5 coins and 3 redberries
  • Yellowdye[sic]: 5 coins and 2 onions

The remaining dye colors can be created by using various combinations of these dyes on one another.



  • If you insult her, she will steal a pot of flour or 20 coins from the players inventory- though she always prefers the 20 coins no matter what order the players inventory is in