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Agility is a skill in RuneScape Classic. It was released on 12 December 2002. Its main purpose is allowing the player to interact with various pieces of scenery for a number of different reasons - sometimes in order to simply serve as a time saving shortcut or for skill-based requirements needed to be met in order to progress into the game. This is introduced to the player via various means such as quests, requiring the player to reach a certain Agility level or through restrictions to different areas, often in the form of environmental hazards and obstacles.

Out of all the skills, Agility is known for being one of the more time consuming skills that there is to gain experience in.

Though there aren't many shortcuts in RSC, the few in the game can be extremely useful. By raising your Agility skill level, you can utilize them and travel to previously inaccessible areas which offer lucrative and exclusive spawns, monsters who drop unique loot, chests to thieve from, and better places to train combat or gather resources to gain experience in other skills such as Herblaw.


Main article: Agility course

Gnome Stronghold Agility Course

Main article: Gnome Stronghold Agility Course

Note: This course can't be failed.

Barbarian Outpost Agility Course

Main article: Barbarian Outpost Agility Course
  • Location: Barbarian Outpost
  • Requirements: 35 agility and completion of Barcrawl
  • Experience: 150 (13-16k/h)
  • Number of Obstacles: 6

Wilderness Agility Course

Main article: Wilderness Agility Course
  • Location: Wilderness level 51
  • Starting level: 52
  • Experience: 472.5 (up to 48k/h)
  • Number of Obstacles: 5

Yanille Agility dungeon

Main article: Yanille Agility dungeon

The Yanille Agility dungeon is located beneath Yanille and can be accessed from the building south of the bank (requires 82 Thieving and a lockpick) or from the building north of the city (requires a knife and 40 agility). At the end of this dungeon, past four agility obstacles, is Salarin the Twisted who has been known to drop the sinister key which opens the Sinister Chest, also found within this dungeon. This is the only way to obtain torstol, required to make the Potion of Zamorak.

Level Shortcut Location Experience Possible to fail
40 Ledge Between entrance room and Chaos druid warrior room 22.5 Yes
49 Pipe Between Chaos druid warrior room and Sinister Chest room 7.5 No
57 Rope swing Between Chaos druid warrior room and Chaos druid room 27.5 Yes
67 Pile of rubble Leading to Salarin the Twisted's lair 13.5 No



Level Shortcut Location Experience Possible to fail
5 Handholds Falador West (in only) 12.5 No
10 Tree Swing Brimhaven to Moss giants 5 No
15 Ropeswing Edgeville dungeon to Earth warriors 10 No
15 Handholds Yanille North (out only) 10 No
20 Log balance Coal Trucks North of McGrubor's Wood 8.5 No
30 Tree Swing West of Yanille, near Ogres 12.5 No
32 Rock climb Shilo Village quest, Cairn Isle 2.5 Yes
32 Stepping stones southeastern Karamja 2.5 Yes
32 Bridge Blockade Bridge to Cairn Isle, west of Shilo 0 Yes
32 Log Bridge East Karamja, between Ship yard and Rashiliyia's Tomb entrance 2.5 Yes
35 Handholds Barbarian Outpost (out only) 5 No
50 Rock Kharazi Jungle entrance to Legends caverns 0 Yes
50 Ruined wall Legends caverns (upper) 0 Yes

Quest obstacles

Level Shortcut Location Experience Possible to fail
1 Rock Underground Pass, level 2 (Underground Pass quest) 0 Yes
18 Handholds Yanille Watchtower (Watchtower quest) 12.5 No
25 Glough's Watch tower Tree Gnome Stronghold (Grand Tree quest) 7.5 No
30 Rock Southern bridge in Gu'Tanoth (Watchtower quest) 12.5* No
32 Pile of rubble Ah Za Roon (Shilo Village quest) 2.5 No
32 Well stacked rocks Cairn Isle and Tomb of Bervirius (Shilo Village quest) 0 Yes
32 Handholds Tomb of Bervirius (Shilo Village quest) 0 Yes
32 Wet rocks Ah Za Roon exit (Shilo Village quest) 25 Yes
50 Rock Hewn Stairs Legends caverns (lower) (Legends' Quest) 5 Yes
50 Rocky Walkway Legends caverns (lower) (Legends' Quest) 5 Yes

(*) From side where player pays the Ogre guard 20 coins.


The following quests give Agility experience rewards:


  • "TheHate" is the first known player to reach level 99 Agility.

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