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An Air-Rune is a basic elemental rune used in the Magic skill to cast many different spells. It is a common drop by many monsters and can be bought from many shops such as Aubury's shop in Varrock, Betty's shop in Port Sarim and the Magic Guild in Yanille. Air-runes are required to cast every missile spell except Iban blast as well as many teleportation spells.

The Staff of Air is an item that acts as an infinite amount of air-runes when wielded.

Item spawns

Location Number of spawns Number in stack
West of Lumbridge and north of Draynor Village bank- on the ground in the forest 1


On a table in a house south of Bob's Axes in Lumbridge 1


Level 14 Wilderness inside of the Dark Warriors Fortress 1


Behind Luthas' house in Karamja 1


Sold in

Store Location Stock
Betty's Magic Emporium Port Sarim 30
Aubury's Rune Shop Varrock 50
Magic Guild Store Magic Guild 50
Mage Arena Rune Shop Mage Arena 100

Dropping monsters

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Bandit 29 7 7Unknown
Black demon 156 50–75 2Common
Black Dragon 200 50 2Common
Chaos druid 19 24 3Uncommon
Chaos Dwarf 59 16 3Uncommon
Darkwizard 13, 25 3, 8, 12 2Common
Chaos Druid Warrior 44 24 2Common
Giant 37 5 3Uncommon
Guard 27, 28 1–4 2Common
King Black Dragon 245 70 4Rare
Moss giant 62 12 3Uncommon
Pirate 27 7 2Common
Shadow Warrior 64 30 2Common
Skeleton 31 10 3Uncommon
Zombie 24 2 3Uncommon
Zombie 32 10 3Uncommon