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gate Examine: A gate from Lumbridge to Al Kharid

The Al Kharid gate (aka. toll gate; simply called gate in game) is a gate scenery that separates Lumbridge and Al Kharid. The player will need to talk to the Border Guard to make use of the gate. Attempting to open it directly gives the message: You need to talk to the border guard. Border Guards charge a toll of 10 coins to pass through the gate, which, according to the Border Guard, "goes to the city of Al Kharid." Players who have completed the Prince Ali Rescue quest can use the gate for free as "a friend of Al Kharid."

If the player does not have the 10 coin toll fee, they can take the nearly 2 minute walk north around the fence. In doing so, they'll pass by the northeast Lumbridge farm and Al Kharid mine, which are connected by a road that goes west to Varrock and east to the Digsite's Exam Centre.

Players on the Lumbridge side can collect the iron dagger from the item spawn northwest of the gate, just north of the goblin hut (the goblins are not aggressive), and sell it at the General Store in town. Pay-to-play players can also quickly come up with the toll fee by pickpocketing men. Players on the Al Kharid side may find it about 40 seconds faster to go to the bank for coins rather than walk around, but only if their destination is the other side of the fence, which is rather unlikely.