An Altar is a fixed object that is used to restore players prayer points. Altar's can be found in the many churches and temples throughout RuneScape Classic and also in other various locations.

Altar's completely restore the players prayer points when accessed, with no cost to the player. There is one altar which gives a temporary bonus +2 prayer points whilst recharging on that altar, allowing for up to 101 prayer points. This special altar is located in the Prayer Guild which requires level 31 prayer to reach.

There are 3 visual representations of altars in Runescape Classic, each with their respective God being the accompanying theme. There are Holy altars, which represent Saradomin, Chaos altars which represent Zamorak, and Guthix altars which represent Guthix.


Holy altarsEdit


Holy altar.

Chaos altarsEdit

Chaos Altar

Chaos altar.

Guthix AltarsEdit

Altar of Guthix

Altar of Guthix

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