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An Anti dragon breath Shield is a shield which provides protection against fire breath from dragons. A player first learns about the anti dragon breath shield in the Dragon Slayer quest where the Duke of Lumbridge gives the player the shield in order to fight Elvarg the dragon. This shield significantly lowers the damage taken by dragon fire attacks from all types of dragons, making this very nearly a necessity when fighting dragons. Without wielding the shield, players will be fried by the dragon's fire breath and very likely will be inflicted lots of damage. However, you may replace the shield with your shield of choice after you've gone into combat with the dragon and suffer no penalty.



  • In RuneScape 2, the anti-dragon shield appears to be battered and burnt, while in RuneScape Classic, it appears to be undamaged, and new. On release of RuneScape 2 the shield retained it's look from classic (Although in 3D) however an update on 18 June 2007 gave the shield a damaged appearance.
  • It is possible to obtain more than one shield at a time by dropping them, acquiring a new one from the Duke of Lumbridge and then picking up the previously dropped shield(s) before they disappear. This is known as the drop trick.
  • The player learns about the shield through Oziach, and the Duke of Lumbridge tells you that he has been holding onto the shield waiting to bestow it on a brave and worthy adventurer like the player.