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RuneScape uses the British convention for floor numbering: ground floor, first floor (immediately above the ground floor), second floor, etc.
Ardougne Castle

Ardougne Castle courtyard

Ardougne Castle is a castle in East Ardougne, west of the river. It is featured in the Biohazard and Underground Pass quests, and is home to King Lathas and his high-level guards. Stone walls in the southwest corner of the castle connect it to the wall surrounding the Carnillean house.

Ground floor

Many of the characters roam out of the castle and around the courtyard. Stairs leading up are guarded by the paladins who will try to attack any player attempting to climb them. They can be blocked by the castle doors, and rapidly clicking the stairs also works. If both paladins are killed, the stairs become unusable until one of them respawns.


1st floor

Upstairs is a door that requires 61 Thieving to pick lock and gives 50 experience. It doesn't require a lockpick, though. The door leads to a tiny room with multiple paladins — a good place to pickpocket. Furthermore, there is a ladder to the castle's top floor.


2nd floor

The top floor has a level 72 Thieving chest that gives 500 experience, 1000 coins, a raw shark, an adamantite ore, and an uncut sapphire each time it's unlocked. Thieving the chest will trigger a trap that teleports the player outside the Witchaven dungeon, east of Ardougne.

Near the chest is a black scimitar spawn, the only source of them in RuneScape Classic.

Along the walls are also 4 suits of armour. Unlike the ones in Taverley Dungeon, these ones are cosmetic only. They do, however, change their direction upon interaction.

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