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Asgarnia is one of three kingdoms across Gielinor in RuneScape Classic, positioned between Kandarin to the west and Misthalin to the east. Asgarnia extends from Heroes' Guild and the Monastery (Prayer Guild) all the way down to Thurgo's Peninsula.

It is a monarchy ruled by King Vallance. However, the king has grown old and tired, so the White Knights of Falador, headed by Sir Amik Varze, help the king rule the kingdom. The Black Knights, in their fortress to the north, threaten to invade Falador in the Black Knights' Fortress quest.

The area west of Falador is fenced off to separate the pay-to-play area from free-to-play, and has Member's Gates along the east and south pathways.


Teaser prior to the region's release.

  • While the area was being developed throughout March 2001, players were blocked from entering the area by a gated fence west of Barbarian Village, similar to the Member's Gate. The gate's examine message: Coming soon - Kingdom of Asgarnia
    • Upon release, the gate was removed and an additional access point through the stone wall west of Draynor Village was added.