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A Ball of wool is an item used in the Crafting skill to add string to amulets. It is spun at level 1 Crafting by using wool on a spinning wheel, yielding 2.5 experience.

Balls of wool are primarily used to string amulets in order to be able to wear them. They may also be used to string unblessed holy and unholy symbols. Stringing jewellery gives no experience.

Ned can spin 4 balls of wool into a rope - something that the player may have him do during the Prince Ali Rescue quest if they don't have a rope of their own. He requires 3 more balls of wool to spin a wig as part of the disguise in that quest. During the Sheep Shearer quest, Fred the farmer requests the player shear his "very wooly sheep" and return with 20 balls of wool.


The fastest method to obtain balls of wool in large quantities is to cast Lumbridge teleport, shear a full inventory of wool, then teleport to Draynor Village using a charged dragonstone amulet and bank the wool.

The recommended inventory setup for this method would be:

  1. Charged dragonstone amulet Charged Dragonstone Amulet.png
  2. Staff of air Staff of Air.png
  3. Law runes Law-Rune.png
  4. Earth runes Earth-Rune.png
  5. Shears Shears.png
  6. Sleeping bag Sleeping Bag.png (optional) Your fatigue will increase from teleporting, but instead of carrying this you may choose to withdraw it only when needed.

After acquiring the desired amount of wool, cast Falador teleport and use the spinning wheel that is located southwest from the east bank.

Using this method can result in being able to gather over 1,250 balls of wool per hour. Assuming you are able to sell these at near 1,000 coins each, this method can gain you over 1.25 million gp per hour. Although, prices may range between 500 - 1,500 each. (625,000 - 1,875,000 coins per hour respectively)

If you don't have Lumbridge teleport or a charged dragonstone amulet, you can simply walk to Lumbridge and collect the wool, then walk to the bank in Draynor. With walking, you can collect around 400 balls of wool per hour.


Dropped by

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Imp 5 1 3Uncommon

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