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Examine: Its empty

Barrels are scenery found all over Gielinor. Some barrels, like Strange Barrels and the barrels in Lumber Mill can be searched but regular barrels can only be examined.

Sinclair Mansion

Flour Barrel

A barrel in Sinclair Mansion can be used to get flour into a pot. It is mainly useful during Murder Mystery quest when player is searching for Murderers fingerprints. Its[sic] full of flour

Sinclair Family Barrels

These barrels are located in Sinclair family members' rooms.

  • Bob Sinclair: Bobs things - There seems to be something shiny at the bottom
  • Anna Sinclair: Annas stuff - There seems to be something shiny at the bottom

2nd floor:

  • Elizabeth Sinclair: Elizabeths clothes - theres something shiny at the bottom
  • Frank Sinclair: Franks barrel seems to have something shiny at the bottom
  • David Sinclair: Davids equipment - there seems to be something shiny at the bottom
  • Carol Sinclair: Carols belongings - there seems to be something shiny at the bottom

Underground Pass quest

Examine: Its[sic] stinks of alcohol

In the building Kamen resides in, is a barrel that has an 'empty' option. Players who have a bucket can empty the barrel into it and receive the item Dwarf brew and the following message:

"you poor[sic] some of the strong brew into your bucket"

Players who attempt to empty the barrel without a bucket will receive the message:

"you need a bucket first"

Plague City quest

Examine: I wonder what's inside

In the basement of the building in West Ardougne where Elena is being held are two barrels. If the player searches the barrel they will find a Little key. The key is used to free her by unlocking the gate. Players who wish to obtain multiple keys may utilize the Drop trick. However, they must not have unlocked the gate. Unlocking the gate will make re-obtaining the key impossible.

Digsite quest

Examine: It has a lid on it - I need something to lever it off Examine: I wonder what is inside...

There are three barrels in the digsite that can be opened by using a trowel on them. The barrels contain Unidentified liquid. Which when identified turns out to be Nitroglycerin.

Opening the barrel makes the player say: Great, it's opened it![sic]

Players who 'search' the barrel will get the messages:

(You search the barrel)
(The barrel has a foul-smelling liquid inside...)
Player: I can't pick this up with my bare hands!
Player: I'll need something to put it in

Players who use a Vial on the opened barrel will get the following messages:

(You fill the vial with the liquid)
(You close the barrel)
Player: I'm not sure what this stuff is)
Player: I had better be very careful with it)
Player: I had better not spill any I think...)

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