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Not to be confused with Axe.

A Battle Axe is a one-handed melee weapon. They are the second most powerful category of weapons, behind 2-handed Swords (with the exception of the Black battle Axe, which is stronger than its 2-handed equivalent). Battle axes are commonly used for killing Elvarg due to the ability to wear an anti-dragon shield alongside them, and the dragon axe is commonly used by members with level 60 attack or higher due to having the highest WeaponPower bonus in RuneScape Classic.

All battle axes except the Black battle Axe and the dragon axe can be made with the smithing skill, requiring three bars each, and all battle axes except the Rune battle Axe and dragon axe can be bought from Brian's Battleaxe Bazaar.


A battle axe is depicted in the banner announcing the more weapons advantage of members