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Beer is a consumable item that, when drank, heals the player by one Hitpoint, boosts their Strength level by 4% (rounded down), and reduces their Attack by 7% (rounded up).

One beer is necessary to complete the Vampire Slayer quest by getting Doctor Harlow to give you a wooden stake. Three glasses of beer are required to get the Jail Guards in Draynor drunk during the Prince Ali Rescue quest.

Thanks to the temporary reduction in Attack level when consumed, beer can also be used to continue training Attack on dummies (without receiving Hits experience) by keeping Attack below level 8.

Beer respawn at the barbarian village.

Item spawns

Sold by

* Requires completing the Shilo Village quest to access.

Dropped by

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Giant 37 1 3Uncommon
Goblin 8, 13 1 4Rare


  • For the first month of RuneScape Classic, it was possible to raise the player's Strength to abnormally high levels by repeatedly buying and drinking beer. This was fixed on 25 January 2001 when the calculation was changed to include the player's base Strength level to boost from.