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Betty's Magic Emporium

Released 6 April 2001 (Update)
Location Northern Port Sarim
Owner Betty
Type of shop Magic supplies
Members-only? No
Quests needed? None
Skills needed? None
Port sarim

Betty's location is shown by the fire symbol on this map of Port Sarim.

Betty's Magic Emporium is a shop located in northern Port Sarim which sells various magic supplies and a herblaw ingredient. It is owned by Betty.


Betty's Magic Emporium

Image Name Stock Price
Fire-Rune Fire-Rune 30 4gp
Water-Rune Water-Rune 30 4gp
Air-Rune Air-Rune 30 4gp
Earth-Rune Earth-Rune 30 4gp
Mind-Rune Mind-Rune 30 3gp
Body-Rune Body-Rune 30 3gp
Eye of newt Eye of newt 30 3gp
Wizardshat (blue) Wizardshat 1 2gp
Wizardshat (black) Wizardshat 1 2gp


  • It takes 5 seconds for one of each rune type to restock.

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