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General Khazard wearing full black equipment with cape.

Black equipment is a type of metal that is stronger than Steel but weaker than Mithril. Black weapons require level 10 Attack to wield and Black armour requires level 10 Defense to wear.

Black is unique among the equipment types as there is no way to smith it. Black equipment is only available from monster drops and sold in some shops, though some Black items (such as the "black pickaxe") do not exist. As a result, some Black items are mistakenly considered "rare" when they are in fact obtainable through drops. Another mistaken assumption made among newcomers is that Black equipment was made through smithing coal and the non-existent "black bar".

Because it can't be smithed, it was unknown if Black is a metal variant or another material form. Though, in the RuneScape 2 era, it has been asserted that Black is a form of Steel "created by differing forging techniques." [1]


Image Item Armour Aim Power Magic Prayer
Black dagger.pngPoisoned Black dagger.png Black daggers 10 8
Black Axe.png Black Axe 10 14
Black Mace.png Black Mace 15 11
Black Short Sword.png Black Short Sword 16 13
Black Scimitar.png Black Scimitar 18 14
Black Long Sword.png Black Long Sword 20 16
Black battle Axe.png Black battle Axe 19 26
Black 2-handed Sword.png Black 2-handed Sword 28 22
Black throwing knife.pngPoisoned Black throwing knife.png Black throwing knives 6 6
Medium black Helmet.png Medium black Helmet 9
Large Black Helmet.png Large Black Helmet 12
Black Square Shield.png Black Square Shield 15
Black Kite Shield.png Black Kite Shield 18
Black Plated skirt.png Black Plated skirt 20
Black Plate Mail Legs.png Black Plate Mail Legs 21
Black Chain Mail Body.png Black Chain Mail Body 24
Black Plate Mail Body.pngBlack Plate Mail top.png Black Plate Mail Body 40


  • The difference in armour bonuses between black plate mail legs (+21) and black plated skirt (+20) is not found among other male/female body and leg armours of any type, and is likely an oversight.

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  1. Jagex. Anarchy in the KGP.. (original) " metals are actually just coloured forms of steel, created by differing forging techniques..." 5 August 2009.