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Boots are a piece of armour which may be worn on player's feet and provide a +1 armour boost. They can be found as an item spawn in the Lumbridge castle basement and in a house above the Al Kharid General Store. They can be useful for new players who are poor or are using a robe bottom, but not for players who have plate mail legs or plated skirts, because they cannot be worn alongside them and provide a much weaker armour bonus. They are often worn in conjunction with the Leather Gloves.

They can be made at level 7 Crafting by using a needle with leather while the playe has thread in their inventory. Crafting a set of boots yields 16 experience.

Boots can also be obtained through Fishing with a big net, or from shops such as Thessalia's Fine Clothes and the Fancy Clothes Store in Varrock.


Item spawns

Location Number of spawns Number in stack
Inside a north Al Kharid house 1 1
Lumbridge Castle basement 1 1
Inside the Phoenix Gang's weapon storage room 1 1


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