Rock of Dalgroth

Examine: A large boulder blocking the way

Boulder is a piece of scenery in the Legends caverns and Underground Pass. They all look exactly like Rock of Dalgroth.


The three boulders in the Legends caverns after the Ancient Wooden Doors are smashable with level 52 Mining and a pickaxe. Immediately after smashing the rock an empty brown rock is visible for a brief moment and then another one will fall down replacing the smashed one. If you fail to mine the boulder your mining ability will suffer -1.


When 'Smash to pieces' option fails:

You fail to make a mark on the rocks.
You miss hit the rock and the vibration shakes your bones.
Your mining ability suffers... [Player's mining level is reduced by 1]
When 'Smash to pieces' option works:

You take a good swing at the rock with your pick...
...and smash it into smaller pieces.
Another large rock falls down replacing the one that you smashed.


  • Players can soft fail smashing the boulder. Wherein, they will get the message: "You fail to make a mark on the rocks." However they will not get the messages about missing or their mining ability suffering.

Underground Pass

Underground boulder

Examine: Could be dangerous!

Players must use a Railing (Underground Pass) on a boulder in order to cause it to kill a Unicorn in order to get a Unicorn horn (Underground Pass).

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