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Bronze is an alloy made of tin ore and copper ore. Bronze is brown in colour. Bronze the weakest metal in RuneScape Classic. It is used mostly by new players. The usefulness of bronze is limited as Iron is stronger than bronze yet both share completely identical skill requirements needed to wield and use their respective armour, weapons, woodcutting axes and pickaxes.

Tin and copper rocks can be mined for tin ore and copper ore, which can be smelted into bronze bars. Bronze bars can be used to smith bronze weapons and armour. Bronze armour and weapons require level 1 in Defense and Attack respectively to wield, and similarly, level 1 Mining is needed to use a bronze pickaxe.

Forging a bronze bar

Bronze bars can be used for forging as part of the smithing skill. By using a bronze bar on an anvil with a hammer in the player's inventory, bronze armour and weapons can be created. Each bronze bar gives 12.5 smithing experience when consumed to make an item.

Image Item Level Experience Bars
Bronze dagger Bronze dagger 1 12.5 1
Bronze Axe Bronze Axe 1 12.5 1
Bronze Mace Bronze Mace 2 12.5 1
Medium Bronze Helmet Medium Bronze Helmet 3 12.5 1
Bronze Short Sword Bronze Short Sword 4 12.5 1
Bronze dart tips 7 Dart Tips 4 12.5 1
Bronze arrow heads 10 Arrow Heads 5 12.5 1
Bronze Scimitar Bronze Scimitar 5 25 2
Bronze Long Sword Bronze Long Sword 6 25 2
Large Bronze Helmet Large Bronze Helmet 7 25 2
Bronze throwing knife 2 Throwing Knives 7 12.5 1
Bronze Square Shield Bronze Square Shield 8 25 2
Bronze battle Axe Bronze battle axe 10 37.5 3
Bronze Chain Mail Body Bronze Chain Mail Body 11 37.5 3
Bronze Kite Shield Bronze Kite Shield 12 37.5 3
Bronze 2-handed Sword Bronze 2-handed Sword 14 37.5 3
Bronze Plated Skirt Bronze Plated Skirt 16 37.5 3
Bronze Plate Mail Legs Bronze Plate Mail Legs 16 37.5 3
Bronze Plate Mail Body Bronze Plate Mail Body 18 62.5 5

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