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Bronze key is a quest item that represents two different items featured in two different quests.

Prince Ali Rescue quest

This bronze key is obtained by speaking to Osman with the keyprint and a Bronze bar in the players inventory, and then speaking to his daughter Leela who gives it to the player.

Chat messages

  • Attempting to open the door that the key goes to, instead of using the key on the door, results in the following message being displayed:
    • The door is locked
    • Maybe you should try using your key on it
  • Using this key on the door which Prince Ali is locked behind before tying up Lady Keli (and whilst she hasn't returned) produces the following message:
    • You'd better get rid of Lady Keli before trying to go through here

Biohazard quest

This key is obtained from Mourner up the stairs of the doctor's office. The player uses this key to open the locked gate to find the Distillator.

Using this key on the gate gives the player the following message:

the key fits the gate

you open it and pass through


In RS2 and later if the player loses the bronze key, they can purchase it back from Leela/Osman for 15gp