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Carpentry was supposed to be a skill in RuneScape Classic. At first, many people assumed Carpentry had something to do with the empty houses in Varrock and Falador, but it did not.[source needed] Instead, the initial idea was that the empty houses would be an early form of Player-owned houses, but with RuneScape Classic gaining popularity, they changed the idea to make them available only to clans. This concept, however, was put on hold and eventually scrapped.

Carpentry appeared on the skill tab (under Herblaw in the picture) just before the addition of the Agility skill. Carpentry, however, had no possible way to level up. It was also featured in the highscores page. Carpentry is no longer mentioned anywhere in RuneScape Classic. However, it was eventually implemented in RuneScape 2 under the name 'Construction'.

Tiles (which have no use in-game) and planks (which are used in Dragon Slayer) are commonly associated with Carpentry.

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