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Not to be confused with Certificate (Shield of Arrav).


A certificate (also referred to as a cert) is a tradable and stackable item equivalent in value to five of the equivalent non-stackable item. Certificates can be converted into their equivalent items (and vice-versa) for free by various non-player characters (referred to as "certers"). Only certain commonly-traded items can be converted.

Many players prefer to trade with certificates in order to complete the trading process easier and faster, though it takes a significant amount of time to trade the items for certificates and vice versa. Only 12 non-stackable items can be added per trade screen, but 25,769,803,764 stackable items can be added per trade screen (assuming that each 12 are a different item and the player doing the trading is very, very rich).

The certificates system was originally introduced on 8 December 2001 with an update. At this time, only fish (both raw and cooked), bars, and ores could be converted into certificates. Following the introduction of pay-to-play, the system was expanded, with two more ore and bar certers in Zanaris, log certificates, additional fish certificates (such as shark certificates), and miscellaneous certificates. The system was replaced by the "bank note" system in RuneScape 2 with the justification that they made trading easier than in RuneScape Classic.


There are many different types of certificates which include items that are traded in great volume.


Certer located in: Draynor Village (Niles), Brimhaven (Seth), or Fishing Guild (Orven)

Swordfish.png Swordfish
Raw Swordfish.png Raw swordfish
Lobster.png Lobsters
Raw Lobster.png Raw lobsters

Members-only fish

Certer located in: Catherby (Owen) or Fishing Guild (Padik)

Bass.png Bass
Raw Bass.png Raw bass
Shark.png Sharks
Raw Shark.png Raw sharks


Certer located in: Draynor Village (Giles) or Zanaris (Jinno)

Iron ore.png Iron ore
Coal.png Coal
Silver.png Silver ore
Gold.png Gold ore
Mithril ore.png Mithril ore


Certer Located in: Draynor Village (Miles) or Zanaris (Watto)

Iron bar.png Iron bar
Silver bar.png Silver bar
Steel bar.png Steel bar
Gold bar.png Gold bar
Mithril bar.png Mithril bar


Certer located in: East Ardougne (Chuck)

Willow Logs.png Willow logs
Maple Logs.png Maple logs
Yew Logs.png Yew logs


Certer located in: Yanille (Sidney Smith)

Super attack Potion.png Super attack potion
Super defense Potion.png Super defense potion
Super strength Potion.png Super strength potion
Restore prayer Potion.png Restore prayer potion
Dragon Bones.png Dragon bones
Limpwurt root.png Limpwurt roots