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Demonic Ruins
Red Dragon Isle Chaos Dwarf mine Unknown
Bone Yard

Two Adamantite rocks among the trees.

The Chaos Dwarf mine is located south-east of the Red Dragon Isle in level 35 Wilderness.

There are multiple Evil Trees in the area that will hit the player for ~20% of their remaining Hits when approached. The player must left or right-click the tree and choose "approach", merely walking next to them will not trigger damage.

Mining rocks

Image Rock Quantity
Clay rock.png Clay {{{clay}}}
Copper rock.png Copper {{{copper}}}
Tin rock.png Tin {{{tin}}}
Blurite rock.png Blurite {{{blurite}}}
Iron rock.png Iron {{{iron}}}
Silver rock.png Silver {{{silver}}}
Coal rock.png Coal {{{coal}}}
Gold rock.png Gold {{{gold}}}
Gem rock.png Gem {{{gem}}}
Mithril rock.png Mithril {{{mithril}}}
Adamantite rock.png Adamantite 2
Runite rock.png Runite {{{runite}}}
Empty rock.png Empty {{{empty}}}

Other features

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