Released Unknown date edit (Unknown update edit)
Pay-to-play Unknown edit
Quest needed? Unknown edit
Staff needed? Unknown edit
Magic level Unknown edit
Description Unknown edit
Runes Unknown edit
Experience (?) Unknown (needs Magic level)
Fatigue Unknown edit
Casts / 100% (?) Unknown edit

Charge is a magic spell that increases the maximum damage of the God Spells by 18[Clarify]. This spell requires level 80 magic to use, and you must have a god staff and the corresponding cape to use. P2P mages almost always use this spell before a battle for extra damage in combat.


Main article: Glitch#Removing objects with Charge

Charge glitch on doors, Falador west bank

Charge spell glitches some doors and scenery objects when cast on them. It makes the object disappear. The glitch is repaired by logging out and back in.


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