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Charge Fire Orb
Charge Fire Orb
Released Unknown date edit (Unknown update edit)
Pay-to-play Unknown edit
Quest needed? Unknown edit
Staff needed? Unknown edit
Magic level Unknown edit
Description Unknown edit
Runes Unknown edit
Experience (?) Unknown (needs Magic level)
Fatigue Unknown edit
Casts / 100% (?) Unknown edit

Charge Fire Orb is a magic spell that becomes available at level 63. Charge fire orb costs 30 Fire-Runes, 3 Cosmic-Runes, and 1 unpowered orb. When you use charge fire orb on the Obelisk of fire, the unpowered orb becomes a fire orb.


  • Compared to the other charge orb spells, this is the only one that has each word in the spell capitalized.
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