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RuneScape uses the British convention for floor numbering: ground floor, first floor (immediately above the ground floor), second floor, etc.

Cheese is a type of food which heals 2 Hits when consumed. It's an ingredient for all pizzas, and most players prefer to use it to make pizza rather than eat the cheese itself. It is also used to make cheese and tomato battas, toad battas, veg battas, and worm battas.

It can be found by smashing Strange Barrels.

Cheese is required in the Witch's House quest, where it is used to lure a rat.

Item spawns

Location Number of spawns Number in stack
On a table inside Aggie's house in Draynor Village 1 1
On the ground near Fat Tony's in the Bandit Camp in the Wilderness 1 1


Store Location Stock
Wydin's Grocery Port Sarim 3
Grand Tree Groceries 1st floor[UK] of the Grand Tree, northwest corner 5

Dropped by

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Chaos dwarf 59 1 3Uncommon