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Clay rock

Ore Clay
Mining level 1
Experience received 5
Fatigue received 0.1067%
Respawn rate 2.4 seconds
Examine A rocky outcrop

Clay rocks are pieces of scenery which give clay when mined. Level 1 in the mining skill is required to mine clay rocks. Doing so gives 5 experience when mined successfully.

Clay rocks have a faster respawn rate than any other rocks in the game, but they are rarely mined by players due to the higher value of iron ore than clay, the higher availability of copper rocks and tin rocks in easier-to-reach locations; and alternative methods of training crafting, which can also be faster.


Number Location
4 Crafting Guild mine
16 Desert Mining Camp mine
3 Dwarven Mine
2 Port Khazard mine
1 Rimmington mine
4 Tree Gnome Stronghold mine
2 Varrock southwest mine

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