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Combat Training Camp - Map

Overview of the Combat Training Camp.

The Combat Training Camp is located north of West Ardougne in the Kingdom of Kandarin. It can only be accessed after the completion of the Biohazard quest to help prepare you for the Underground Pass quest which requires 25 ranged.
Location on World Map
Baxtorian Falls
Tree Gnome Stronghold Combat Training Camp Legends' Guild
West Ardougne

Fight Dummies Edit

Combat Training Camp Dummies

The fight dummies.

The south-western area of the camp contains many fight dummies. These aren't particularly useful as they can only be used to gain a limited amount of attack experience before they become useless.

Buildings Edit

Main article: King Lathas' Weaponry Shop
Combat Training Camp Bed

The bed in the northern most building of the Combat Training Camp.

In the southern most building is the Weaponry Shop which sells weapons of all kinds, from arrow heads to battle axes to 2-handed swords.

The building above the shop contains a single bed which is great for getting rid of fatigue acquired from training in the camp.

Ogre Cage Edit

Combat Training Camp Ogres

Ogre Cage at the Combat Training Camp

The most useful aspect of the camp is the Ogre cage in the northwestern area. The cage contains 7 level 58 Ogres which makes it a great place to train ranged or magic.

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