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RuneScape uses the British convention for floor numbering: ground floor, first floor (immediately above the ground floor), second floor, etc.
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A map of the Cooks' Guild.

The Cooks' Guild is a guild released on 17 March 2001 and is dedicated to the Cooking skill. Although considered a part of Varrock, it is actually located west of the city, northwest of Juliet's house.

Players need to have a Cooking level of 32 and must be wearing a chef's hat, otherwise the Head chef will not allow them to come in. If you lose your chef's hat while inside the guild, you may exit via the Emergency escape ladder on the 1st floor[UK].

The guild has a flour mill, range, sink, and several spawns of useful cooking items.

Ground floor[UK]

Inside the Cooks' Guild.

The ground floor is where players enter the guild and the Head chef goes about his business. On the table in the corner is a chocolate bar spawn. Near the center of the room is the chute for the flour mill. After operating the mill upstairs, the player can come down and collect the flour deposited in the chute with an empty pot. There is also a sink on the eastern wall, which players can use to fill jugs, vials, or buckets.

Some players find this source of water to be useful when combined with the grapes and jug spawns on the top floor. This allows for the fast and mostly free creation of wine, which can be a very fast and efficient method of gaining Cooking experience.

A ladder near the entrance door leads upstairs.

1st floor[UK]

Tables on the 1st floor spawn a few common cooking supplies, including a bowl, cake tin, pie dish, and 2 cooking apples. There are also 2 ranges for cooking on. The millstones of the flour mill are also on this floor.

In the southeast corner is the emergency escape ladder, mainly intended for those who cannot exit via the main door due to losing their chefs hat.

2nd floor[UK]

The top floor of the guild is home to the hopper of the flour mill. After placing grain in the hopper, the player operates the nearby controls and can then collect the flour from the chute on the ground floor. Unfortunately, there is no wheat field west of the guild like there is in RuneScape 2. The nearest place to collect grain is the field south of Varrock, east of Champions' Guild.

More tables on this floor spawn other helpful cooking supplies. Players can find a pot, jug, another cooking apple, and one bunch of grapes. The grapes respawn after 15 seconds.


Image Name Amount
Bowl.png Bowl 1
Cake Tin.png Cake tin 1
Chocolate Bar.png Chocolate bar 1
Cooking apple.png Cooking apple 3
Grapes.png Grapes 1
Jug.png Jug 1
Pie dish.png Pie dish 1
Pot.png Pot 1


  • Unlike the other guilds, the Cooks' Guild does not hint to the player what the entry requirement is. It just ends by the Head chef saying: Sorry. Only the finest chefs are allowed in here