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Crushed Gemstone is the useless remains of a semi-precious gem that was cut with a chisel unsuccessfully. The player receives 75% less Crafting experience for their effort. As the player's Crafting level increases, the chance of failing to cut semi-precious gems decreases.[Verify]

Image Gem Level Successful Exp. Crushed Exp.
Uncut Opal.png Uncut Opal 1 15 3.75
Uncut Jade.png Uncut Jade 13 20 5
Uncut Red Topaz.png Uncut Red Topaz 16 25 6.25


  • Crushed gemstone is perhaps[Verify] the only item received as the result of failure during production that also yields experience. Burnt or improperly prepared food and drinks provide no such exp.
    • Big net Fishing has a chance of catching generally unwanted items like leather gloves and boots, but that is a gathering skill and none of those items are actually useless.