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The Crystal chest is located in a house north of Jatix's Herblaw Shop in Taverley. To open the chest, you need a Crystal key, which is created by using a rare key half on its opposite half. These key halves are dropped by any monster with access to the rare drop table.

Ongoing glitch Edit

The Crystal Chest is currently unusable on all official RuneScape Classic servers due to a glitch that is suspected to be purposely and repeatedly performed by either one or several Classic players. The glitch causes the chest to remain permanently opened, which prevents a player from using a crystal key to receive loot. This has caused a distinct increase in the rarity of dragonstone and it's related products.

Economic consequences Edit

  • This glitch has also removed one of the only two viable methods of collecting spinach rolls, with the remaining option being killing Moss Giants. There is a third method of obtaining them, which involves being lucky enough to roll a very rare chance to spawn one from smashing Strange Barrels. However this method is extremely time consuming and requires semi-completion of Legends' Quest
  • The chest becoming disabled also caused the crystal key and key halves to become mostly worthless items, although they are still traded and sold for many coins

Official Jagex response Edit

Jagex has yet to fix the issue, and a J-Mod has stated in a post on the Official Runescape forums that Jagex is unlikely to spend time fixing the glitch, and that if it were ever to be solved, it would have to be on the personal free time of an employee. This problem is further compounded by the fact that few remaining staff members have working knowledge of the RuneScape classic code. It is also believed to be a futile attempt, as the glitch is likely repeatable and could take a good deal of time to write new code that would permanently prevent the glitch. There are players who claim to understand how the glitch works several have contacted Jagex directly about it.


History Edit

  • Wednesday 18 April 2018 - A system update which refreshed the RuneScape Classic, RuneScape 2, and RuneScape 3 servers temporarily fixed the infamous crystal chest glitch.
    • The servers came back online at approximately 6:47 PM BST and every chest on every world was glitched again by 8:21 BST.
      • Despite the relatively small window of time, the server refresh allowed players to use their crystal keys, resulting in several thousand new dragonstones being brought into the market immediately


Note: The player will always receive one uncut dragonstone from opening the chest, and never more than one at a time.
Image Possible loot Rarity
Uncut dragonstone Spinach roll Coins Uncut dragonstone, Spinach roll, 2000 Coins Common
Uncut dragonstone Uncut dragonstone Common
Uncut dragonstone Raw swordfish certificate Coins Uncut dragonstone, Raw swordfish certificate, 1000 Coins Common
Uncut dragonstone Air-Rune Water-Rune Earth-Rune Fire-Rune Mind-Rune Body-Rune
Chaos-Rune Cosmic-Rune Nature-Rune Law-Rune Death-Rune
Uncut dragonstone, 50 Air-Rune, 50 Water-Rune, 50 Earth-Rune, 50 Fire-Rune, 50 Mind-Rune, 50 Body-Rune
10 Chaos-Rune, 10 Cosmic-Rune, 10 Nature-Rune, 10 Law-Rune, 10 Death-Rune
Uncut dragonstone Certificate Uncut dragonstone, 20 x Coal certificate Uncommon
Uncut dragonstone Ruby Diamond Uncut dragonstone, 2 x Ruby, 2 x Diamond Rare
Uncut dragonstone Half of a key (tooth) Coins Uncut dragonstone, Half of a key, 750 Coins Rare
Uncut dragonstone Half of a key (loop) Coins Uncut dragonstone, Half of a key, 750 Coins Rare
Uncut dragonstone Runite bar Uncut dragonstone, 3 x Runite bar Rare
Uncut dragonstone Iron ore certificate Uncut dragonstone, 30 x Iron ore certificate Rare
Uncut dragonstone Adamantite Square Shield Uncut dragonstone, Adamant Square Shield Very rare
Uncut dragonstone Rune Plate Mail Legs Uncut dragonstone, Rune Plate Mail Legs Very rare
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