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The cupboard is shut

A cupboard is a piece of scenery found all over Gielinor. Many cupboards are opened and searched during quests.

The Hazeel Cult

When opened the examine says Perhaps I should search it, except Butlers cupboard in Carnillean house, which says: The cupboard is open

Fight Arena



During the Fight Arena players need to search the 'guardscupboard' located on the ground floor[UK] of the north eastern most building to find the Khazard Helmet and Khazard chainmail. This same cupboard can be found on the 1st floor[UK] of the building.

Legend's Quest

The cupboard in Sir Radimus Erkle's building may only be searched after the player has accepted the Legend's Quest.


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Prior to starting the Legend's quest

Players who have yet to start quest but attempt to open:

"The cupboard is shut
Sir Radimus Erkle: You're not authorized to open that cupboard."

Players who have started the quest and do not have a Machette:

"You open the cupboard and find a machette.
You take it out and add it to your inventory."

Players who have started the quest and have a Machette:

"The cupboard is empty."

Plague City

The cupboard in Alrena's house is peculiar during the quest:

  • After she first gives the mask to the player, the player may not gain additional masks even if they had lost theirs until they reach the checkpoint of the soil:
"you search the cupboard"
"but find nothing"

At the checkpoint where the players are able to get multiple gas masks, they get the following message when they search and already have a mask in their inventory:

"it's an old dusty cupboard"

Cannot be closed

Some cupboards cannot be closed, attempting to do so may lead to the message: Nothing interesting happens. This is the case for:

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