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Bandit Camp
Unknown Dark Warrior's Fortress Chaos Temple
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The Dark Warriors' Fortress is a castle in the level 12-14 Wilderness directly south of the Bandit Camp, or slightly north west of Edgeville.

Dark Warriors Rune Spawn

The Dark Warriors rune spawn is useful for low level players to train combat and gather runes but the player must not bring items he cannot afford to lose as escaping from a player killer can be really hard.

The castle has been a popular though not ideal place for lower-leveled players to train combat skills on Dark Warriors, collecting the low level herbs and runes that they drop. Some players may choose to also gather the 7 types of Runes which spawn in the northern rooms of the Fortress.

There are two beds in the central northern room which are convenient for players who wish to avoid bringing Sleeping Bags.

Unique Features

It should also be noted that this is the easiest place in the entire game that the player can obtain and bank the Black medium helmet and Black mace, other than trading with another player. Dark Warriors are the only monster to drop these items, and the only other location you can find them is within the Kharazi Jungle, during Legends Quest, as a random encounter produced by smashing Strange barrels.


  • Dark Warriors (level 21)
  • Possibly other players, level 12-14 Wilderness

Rune Spawns


  • The chaos rune spawn is considerably slower than the other rune spawns.
  • Unlike RuneScape 2, the fortress in classic only has ground floor.
  • The building can be described has 4 hallways with square rooms at the ends, all joined together with a courtyard in the middle.

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