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RuneScape uses the British convention for floor numbering: ground floor, first floor (immediately above the ground floor), second floor, etc.

Closed door.


Open door.

A door or a doorframe is a piece of scenery found in most buildings of Gielinor. Players can open or close it or examine it. Doorframe has no examine message but closed one says The door is shut. Some doors require a key to open. Doors are sometimes used to block and keep enemies or players away.

Jail Door1

Jail Door (Desert Mining Camp mine) Examine: A solid iron gate

Thieving doors

Some locked doors can be lock-picked with high enough Thieving. Having a lockpick in your inventory increases the success rate of lock-picking, and some doors require it.

Location Level Experience
One-storey houses, Ardougne 7 4
Nature-Rune Chest house, Ardougne 16 15
House next to Baker stall, Ardougne; Ardougne Mansion door 21 15
Ardougne sewer mine 31 25
Axe House, Wilderness level 54 32* 25
Pirates' Hideout, Wilderness level 54 39* 35
Chaos Druid Tower 46 37
Ardougne Castle, 1st floor[UK] 61 50
Yanille Agility dungeon 82* 50

* Door requires a lockpick.

Special doors

Name Location Notes
Blacksmiths Door Shilo Village Must pay 20GP to Yohnus to use the furnace inside
Jail Door Shantay Pass jail The door is shut
Jail Door Desert Mining Camp mine Players must give the Mercenary 15 rocks at once in order to exit the jail.

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