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Released 23 September 2001 (Update)
Pay-to-play No
Combat level 110
Max hit 10 with melee, 65 with Dragonfire
Stats (?) 110/110/110
Hitpoints 110
Experience (?) 180
Ranged XP (?) 240
Hits XP (?) 60
Fatigue (?) 2.4%
Hostility Aggressive (?)
Poisonous No
Poisonable Yes
Examine A powerful and ancient dragon

Elvarg is the dragon who is fought by the player on Crandor at the end of the Dragon Slayer quest. In Classic the dragon is genderless and the display name is simply "Dragon". She has a combat level of 110, making her considerably strong.

Strategies and Considerations

  • The player is required to wear an anti-dragon shield or Elvarg may deal up to 50 damage using her fire breath, which is also capable of draining prayer points.
  • Weapons which use 2 hands to wield will prove to be ineffective for use in fighting her.
  • The Dragons combat level is 110 and she is aggressive.
  • She can only be killed once during the Dragon Slayer quest, and once she has been slain you are moved out of her lair, and the quest is complete.
  • Be warned, if you drop something in her chamber and kill her you will not be able to re-enter and retrieve it!


Image Item Quantity Rarity
Dragon Bones.png Dragon Bones 1 1Always


  • Elvarg dropped Dragon bones on members worlds. On free worlds they appeared as "members object".
  • On transition to RuneScape 2, Elvarg's combat level was changed to 83 to adjust for the new combat system.
  • In Classic the dragon is never called by name or given a gender.
  • She is the only Green Dragon in Classic.