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Once you have all the map pieces, use one of the pieces on another to get the full map of Crandor.
Once you have all the map pieces, use one of the pieces on another to get the full map of Crandor.[[File:Map_2_crandor.jpg|thumb|left]]
===Lumbridge Lady===
===Lumbridge Lady===
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Map piece3.png|[[Map piece]]
Map piece3.png|[[Map piece]]

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Dragon Slayer is the hardest free to play quest in RuneScape Classic. The completion of Dragon Slayer is one of the requirements to wear Rune Plate Mail Body.

Quest details

Name: Dragon Slayer
Release date: 23 September 2001 (Unknown update edit)
Pay-to-play: Unknown edit
Start: Speak to the Guildmaster, located inside the Champions' Guild.
Length: Long
Items needed:


Monsters to defeat:

*You may need to kill more than one

Recommended: Unknown edit


Getting started

Ask the Guildmaster in the Champions' Guild for a quest. He will direct you to Oziach, who can be found west of Edgeville. Ask Oziach for permission to wear the rune plate mail body and he will send you on a quest to kill the Dragon of Crandor. Be sure to ask him for information on all three map pieces before leaving. He should give you a Maze key when you ask about the first piece.

Note: You do not have to do the following sections in order (i.e. you may get the second map piece before the first).

Anti dragon breath shield

Simply head to Lumbridge Castle and ask the Duke of Lumbridge for the shield. You may obtain multiple shields using the drop trick.


First map piece

Head to Falador to stock up for combat against several monsters, including a lesser demon. Bring your maze key and go to Melzar's Maze, just south of the Crafting Guild. Use your key on the door to enter.

Once inside, you must kill the rats (level 13) until you find one that drops a Red key. Use it on the north-west door and head up the ladder. (If you can't find the key, make sure you check the drops carefully and you're not killing the same rats over and over.)

Kill the ghosts (level 25) until you find the one that drops the Orange Key and use it on the second door from the north and climb the ladder.

Kill the skeletons (level 31) on this floor until you get a yellow key and use it on the far-south door, follow the passage way and go down a series of ladders until you're in a room with two zombies.

Kill the zombies (level 32) until you get a Blue key and use it to unlock the northern-most door with Melzar on the other side (WARNING: The other door is an emergency exit and will require you to complete the maze from the beginning.)

Kill Melzar the mad] (level 45) and use the Magenta key he drops on the north door, leading to the lesser demon. (WARNING: The western door is an emergency exit.)

Kill the lesser demon (level 79) and use the black key it drops on the northern door leading to a small room with the wooden floors. (WARNING: The other door is another emergency exit.)

Make sure you search the chest and have the first map piece before climbing the ladder and exiting the maze.


Second map piece

Head to Ice Mountain, north of Falador, and talk to the Oracle, and you will be given a riddle:

"The map's behind a door below, but entering is rather tough This is what you need to know, You must have the following stuff:

First, a drink used by a mage, Next, some worm string changed to a sheet, Then, a small crustacean cage, Last, a bowl that's not seen heat."

Bring the follow items: Wizard's mind bomb, silk, lobster pot and unfired bowl.

Head south to the enterance of the Dwarven Mine, head down the ladder, and go east until you find a door. Opening it will remove the four above items from your inventory. Search the chest inside for the second map piece.


Third map pice

This is the easiest piece. Bring the runes for Telekinetic grab (1 law-rune, 1 air-rune), and a ranged weapon or runes to cast magic spells, and a Head to the Port Sarim jail. Kill the jailed goblin named Wormbrain (you cannot melee him) and telegrab the map piece he drops.

Once you have all the map pieces, use one of the pieces on another to get the full map of Crandor.
File:Map 2 crandor.jpg

Lumbridge Lady

Bring the following items for this section: 12 nails, 3 planks, hammer

Speak to Klarense on the northern Port Sarim docks and inquire about his boat, the Lumbridge Lady. It will cost you 2,000 coins to buy it from him, however, it is damaged. Board the ship and use the planks on the damaged part of the hull to repair it.

Now head to Draynor Village with the map and convince Ned to sail you to Crandor. Once he agrees to meet you in Port Sarim, it's time to stock up for the fight.


You should bring the best armour and one-handed weapon you can use, along with the anti dragon breath shield (you may bring another shield to use for the rest of the journey), as well as as much of the best food as you can hold, and any potions and runes you want to use. Teleport runes are recommended if you want to avoid running past level 79 lesser demons after the fight.

Head to the Lumbridge Lady and board it. Speak to Ned who will take you to Crandor (and damage your ship again the process). Once you arrive, leave the ship and make your way around the mountain to the peak, dodging aggressive skeletons, scorpions, hobgoblins and a lesser demon.

Once down the ladder you will be in a room with aggressive level 31 skeletons (this is a good place to prepare if you are over level 62, as they won't attack you). You must make your way past some aggressive level 54 skeletons outside the door to Elvarg's lair.

Optional: Before entering, run past the skeletons and a group of lesser demons and open a secret passage to Karamja's volcano. If you die you can return this way without having to repair the ship again.

You may be ambushed the moment you enter her lair, so be sure to put on your anti dragon breath shield before-hand.

Attack Elvarg (level 110) and keep an eye on your HP. The dragon breath attack will hit you constantly for small numbers and is unavoidable. If you do not wear your anti dragon breath shield at all times Elvarg will be able to hit up to 50 damage. Once your hp drops to about half, run away and eat 1 or 2 pieces of food before resuming combat.

Once Elvarg is defeated, the quest is complete and you will be teleported back out in to the middle of the level 54 skeletons. If you are weakened from the fight it may be a good idea to teleport, otherwise, head past the skeletons and lesser demons and use the secret passage to exit to Karamja.


  • Defense exp (about 20,000)
  • Strength exp (about 20,000)
  • The right to wear rune plate mail armour
  • 2 quest points

Quest items

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