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Dragon Square Shield
Dragon Square Shield.png

Nicknames None
Released 20 August 2003 (Update)
Quest item No
Members item Yes
Tradeable Yes
Equipable Yes
Stackable No
High alch 300,000gp
Low alch 200,000gp
Shop price Not sold
Sale price 200,000gp - General Store
Examine An ancient and powerful looking Dragon Square shield.

The Dragon square shield has the greatest armour bonus of any shield in RuneScape Classic, but it can only be worn after completion of Legend's Quest. To obtain one, the player can purchase the shield's right half for a hefty 750,000 coins from the Legends' Guild Shop. The shield's left half is an extremely rare drop from various monsters who have access to the RareDropTable. Shadow Warriors in the Legends' Guild dungeon have a slightly higher chance of dropping the left half. Once you have both halves of the shield, go to any anvil with level 60 Smithing and you will be able to combine the two halves, creating the legendary dragon square shield.

The dragon square shield has +4 higher armour bonus than the rune kiteshield.

The item's icon portrays a dragon's head, however the icon isn't reflected on the shield when it's worn. All shields in RSC look the same, but are simply colored differently depending on their metal. In this case, the dragon square shield is colored dark red like other dragon equipment.

This shield can often cost anywhere between 10-15 million coins among player trades. Because of this, this shield is used mainly by wealthy players and those who were lucky enough to receive the shield's left half as a monster drop.


Bonuses A player wearing a dragon square shield.
A player wearing a dragon square shield.
Aim Power Armour Magic Prayer
0 0 50 0 0

Complete list of requirements to wear this shield


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When player is lacking requirements to equip:

you have not earned the right to wear this yet
you need to complete the legend's guild quest
You are not a high enough level to use this item
You need to have a defense level of 60
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