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The Dragon axe (also referred to as the dragon battleaxe) is the strongest weapon in RuneScape Classic. Wielding this axe requires level 60 Attack and completion of Hero's Quest. It can be bought from Helemos inside the Heroes' Guild for 200,000 coins or obtained by trading with another player.

It has the highest WeaponPower bonus of 75, but its WeaponAim of 69 is surpassed by the Dragon sword, which has a WeaponAim bonus of 71. The dragon axe is a one-handed weapon, allowing players to equip a shield for an additional Armour bonus. This axe is made of dragon metal and cannot be created by players using the Smithing skill. There are no monsters that drop this weapon, making Helemos at the Heroes Guild the only source of this item to the game.

The dragon axe has always been exclusive to RSC pay-to-play members. It was simultaneously with the Dragon sword and Heroes' Guild during the first release of RuneScape members content. Despite a distinct difference in being named an axe and not a battle axe, it cannot be used for Woodcut. Many players refer to it as a dragon battle axe. In RuneScape 2 it was renamed the Dragon battle axe.



This weapon is one of the most popular among higher level players in RSC. It is favoured by players due to its high WeaponPower and WeaponAim bonuses. It is effective for training, questing, and PKing. Since all weapons hit at the same speed, it is one of the two most effective weapons for players with the requirements to wield it, if they can afford the 200,000 GP shop price.

Requirements for using

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