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The Dragon sword (aka. Dragon longsword) is the second most powerful weapon in RuneScape Classic. It has the highest WeaponAim at 71, but has 4 points fewer WeaponPower than the dragon axe. Despite this, some players prefer using the dragon sword over the axe in melee training for the increased hit-chance.

It requires level 60 Attack and completion of the Lost City quest to wield. Since it is a one-handed weapon, it can be used in conjunction with a shield, allowing for additional Defense bonuses.



Image Item Armour Aim Power Magic Prayer
Rune 2-handed Sword.png Rune 2-handed sword* 70 70
Dragon sword.png Dragon sword 71 71
Dragon axe.png Dragon axe 69 75

* Cannot be used with a shield.


* Entrance to the Zanaris marketplace costs the player 1 cut diamond each time.


  • The dragon sword was renamed "Dragon longsword" in RuneScape 2.
  • It has no special attack as these were not a feature in RSC.