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Quest details

Name: Drudic ritual
Release date: 27 February 2002 (Update)
Pay-to-play: Yes
Start: Talk to Kaqemeex at the Druid's stone circle, north of Taverley
Length: Short
Requirements: None
Items needed:
Monsters to defeat: If collecting the required items yourself:
  • 1x Bear (levels 24, 26)
  • 1x Chicken (level 3)
  • 1x Cow (level 8)
  • 1x Rat (levels 7, 8, 13)
Recommended: Player's choice:


Stone altar of Guthix

Stone circle

Kaqemeex tells you to talk to Sanfew because the dark wizards took their stone circle south of Varrock, and he's the one who can help. Find Sanfew in the northwest building in Taverley.


Sanfew will tell you he needs raw meat, which include bear meat, chicken meat, cow meat, and rat meat. Then these 4 meats have to be dipped into The Cauldron of Thunder. The quickest path to collect all 4 types without teleporting is:

The player can then head north through the Member's Gate to get back to Taverley.

Cauldron of Thunder

The Cauldron of Thunder
Examine: A very large pot

The cauldron is located within Taverley dungeon. The dungeon's entrance is a ladder just south of Taverley among some unhealthy-looking trees.

Travel along the corridor and you will see two suits of armour standing outside the room with the Cauldron of Thunder. There are two choices in gaining entry to the room.

  • If the player chooses to enter through this door, one of the suits of armor (level 29; hidden) will attack. After defeating it, try to open the door again and the second will attack. The door will be accessible after both suits of armour have been defeated.
  • The player can continue north and east around the room and access it from the east or south. In doing so, the player will need to protect from aggressive ghosts (level 25) and giant bats (level 32).

Use all the four meats with the cauldron to get enchanted bear meat enchanted beef, enchanted chicken meat, and enchanted rat meat.

You can now head back up the ladder to Taverley.

Finishing up

Go back to Sanfew. He will take the enchanted meat and then tell you to return to Kaqemeex at the druids' stone circle. He will give you your reward.

Congratulations, quest complete!


Druidic Ritual completed.png


  • Druidic Ritual is the only quest in RuneScape Classic that is required before a player can train a skill.
  • Among quests that award experience upon completion, it is also the only quest that gives a flat amount. Other quests give experience based on the player's skill level.