Underground Pass

Dug up soil Underground

Examine: A freshly dug pile of mud

Dug up soil is a piece of scenery found in the jail on the second level of the Underground Pass. There are two slaves and a crate in the jail. Railings must be picklocked to enter the jail, although an actual lockpick is unnecessary.

Dug up soil Underground2

Other end

The soil can be searched:

under the soil is a tunnel
would you like to enter?
no, im[sic] scared of small spaces / yep, let's do it
you climb into the small tunnel
and crawl into a small dark passage

Plague City

Dug up soil

Examine: A freshly dug pile of mud

Dug up soil is also found in the backyard of the Edmond's house. During the Plague City quest, players need to use 4 buckets of water to soften the soil enough to enter the Ardougne sewers.

Attempting to use a spade on the soil before it is soft enough will generate the message:

"you dig the soil The ground is rather hard"

After you soften the soil enough, when you use a spade on it you will receive the message:

"you dig deep into the soft soil
Suddenly it crumbles away you fall through and land in the sewer
Edmond follows you down the hole"

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