Quest details

Name: Dwarf Cannon (quest)
Release date: 27 May 2003 (Unknown update edit)
Pay-to-play: Unknown edit
Start: Speak with Captain Lawgof, who is found south of the Coal Trucks.
Length: Short
Items needed:
Monsters to defeat: Ability to defend against level 32 Giant Bats.
Recommended: Unknown edit

To start this quest speak to the Dwarf Commander and he will tell he needs a extra pair of hands to fix the fence to stop the goblins.

Once you start this quest take the Railings with you and search the fence in the front of the coal mines to fix the broken rails. In order to avoid the process of running back and forth for more rods use the drop trick to obtain 10 rods.

After repairing the fence talk to the Commander again and go south to find a wooden watch tower, which is west of the fishing guild. Go up the ladder, and pick up the dwarf remains that respawn there. Once again go back to the Commander and talk to him. He will tell you to find a boy that was captured by the goblins.

Next, walk by the side of the fishing guild and follow the goblins tracks which will lead you to a cave on the Eastern side of the guild. Go into the cave and you should see some goblins, rats and a couple of bats.Take the middle passage to the North-East corner to avoid a longer walk(providing the rats don't auto attack you). You should end up in a room with many goblins and crates on the sides of the cave walls. Search the crates until you find the boy.

Go back to the Commander and he asks you to fix the cannon. He gives you a tool kit.
Tool kit

tool kit

Go to the small house next to the commander and inspect the cannon. You need to fix the pipe, barrel, axle, and shaft. You will fail many times trying to fix them, but eventually you will succeed.

Engineer: Go talk to the commander again and he will tell you to visit the engineer. He is located on Ice Mountain, east of the Black Knights' Fortress. To get inside the fence enter the house and open the door.Talk to the engineer and he will give you a note and a mould, take them and go back to the Commander and the quest will be completed. Congratulations.


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