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dwarf multicannon
Examine: fires metal balls

The Dwarf cannon furnace is a part of the 4-piece dwarf cannon — a powerful Ranged device that shoots multi cannon balls at monsters. Although tradeable, it can only be used or purchased from Nulodion after completing the Dwarf Cannon quest.

The base is setup on the ground first, then the player adds the stand, barrels, and furnace, in that order. It can be setup almost anywhere in Gielinor, however it cannot be setup near Nulodion nor brought to Entrana. If the player tries to pickup the cannon without enough space in their inventory, the parts will automatically be dropped to the ground.


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The cannon can also be purchased as a 4-piece set from Nulodion for 750k (a savings of 50k), however it can only be sold back in parts.