Elemental runes are the most basic type of rune and represent each of the four ancient elements: air, water, earth, and fire. At least one of them is used to cast every spell in the Magic spellbook.

Air-Rune Air rune
Water-Rune Water rune
Earth-Rune Earth rune
Fire-Rune Fire rune

They can be obtained as drops from numerous monsters such as dark wizards, chaos druids, hobgoblins, or pirates. Players may also find them at various item spawn points around RuneScape Classic, although they tend to be in small quantities and can take over 30 seconds to respawn. Large quantities are sold at Magic shops starting at 4 coins each.

Store Location Stock
Betty's Magic Emporium Northwest Port Sarim 30
Aubury's Rune Shop East Varrock 50
Magic Guild Store Magic Guild 50
Mage Arena Rune Shop Mage Arena 100

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