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Location on World Map
Barbarian Outpost Entrana Dark Wizards' Tower
Many greetings welcome to our fair island
enjoy your stay hear
May it be spiritually uplifting
  High priest of entrana[sic]

Entrana, a Saradomin outpost, is an island south of Catherby which plays a large role in the Lost City quest. Monks of entrana only allow players to enter the island if they are not carrying armour or weapons. However, items that provide no attack or defense bonuses as well as jewellery and capes can be worn.

Attractions include a Herblaw shop, furnace, altar, mine, chicken coop, and the Entrana Dungeon. Players new to RuneScape Classic should note that the law altar, used in RuneScape 2 to create law runes, does not exist, as the Runecrafting skill does not exist in RSC.

Forbidden items

Due to an oversight, the scythe is permitted on Entrana despite having stats equal to the iron long sword.


There are several dangers on Entrana. Remember, NO armour or weapons are permitted on this holy island. The Entrana Monks will stop and search you for contraband before you leave from Port Sarim. The only exceptions to this rule are runes, unfinished arrows, and incomplete ranged weapons.

There are several unicorns and bears on the island, but high leveled players should be fine.

Entrana is also inhabited by a Firebird (level 6). This creature drops the Firebird Feather, used during the Heroes' Quest. In order to obtain the feather, one must be wearing Ice Gloves (obtained during the Heroes' Quest by killing the level 103 Ice Queen).


A player stands inside of the church on Entrana

Entrana mine in the north: 3 iron rocks, 3 coal rocks and a gold rock

Entrana has many different facilities, including:

Item spawns

Entrana Dungeon

Main article: Entrana dungeon

The Entrana Dungeon is pretty small, it contains only zombies, greater demons (level-87), and a Tree Spirit (level-95). If you attempt to "chop" the Dramen Tree, your Prayer will be completely drained, and the Tree Spirit will attack you. Again, this dungeon is very dangerous because Entrana monks do not allow armour or weapons. The only ways out of the dungeon are via teleport, or exiting the Magic Door door at the far end of the dungeon. This door leads into deep Wilderness, so be careful.

The Dramen tree is guarded by the level 95 Tree Spirit, which must be slain in order to complete the Lost City quest.