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Nicknames Fally
Released 6 April 2001 (Update)
Members area No
Kingdom Asgarnia
Inhabitants / Race Humans
Teleportation Falador teleport
Banks 2
Altars None
Guilds Mining Guild
Location on World Map
Goblin Village
Dark Wizards Tower Falador Draynor Manor
Port Sarim

Falador is a large city in RuneScape Classic. It is the capital of Asgarnia, and is led by the White Knights. It is protected by several guards, has two banks, a park and it is also home to the Mining Guild and the White Knights Castle.

Mining Guild

The Mining Guild is located in the south area of the Dwarven Mine, with direct access east of Falador's east bank. You need 60 Mining to get in the guild.

Points of interest



  • Upon the release of Falador, like Varrock, the eastern portion of the city had a number of empty houses that were originally planned to be used for the Carpentry skill. The world map referred to these areas as "Player houses (not yet open)".
    • They, along with the Carpentry skill, were later removed in 2001, and the areas of those cities were redesigned.
    • Carpentry was later released in RuneScape 2 as Construction and included Player-owned houses, accessible through portals around Gielinor.