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Note: Getting to him requires the protective clothing

Before Sheep Herder quest

Cannot be spoken to, as trying to open the gate produces:

"this is a restricted area
you cannot enter without protective clothing"

During Sheep Herder quest

  • Player: hello
  • Farmer brumty: hello adventurer
  • Farmer brumty: be careful rounding up those sheep
  • Farmer brumty: i don't think they've wandered far
  • Farmer brumty: but if you touch them you'll become infected as well
  • Farmer brumty: there should be a cattle prod in the barn
  • Farmer brumty: you can use it to herd up the sheep

After Sheep Herder quest

  • Player: hello there
  • Player: i'm sorry about your sheep
  • Farmer brumty: that's ok, it had to be done
  • Farmer brumty: i just hope none of my other livestock becomes infected
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