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Fernahei's Fishing Shop is a fishing shop located in Shilo Village deep within the jungle on Karamja. Completion of the Shilo Village quest is needed to access the village and the shop within it.

Fernahei's Fishing Shop
Fernahei's Fishing Shop location.png

Released 27 January 2003 (Update)
Location Shilo Village (north east of the furnace)
Owner Fernahei
Type of shop Fishing equipment
Members-only? Yes
Quests needed? Shilo Village
Skills needed? None

The location of the Fishing Shop is indicated by the green fish icon



Image Name Stock Price
Fishing Rod.png Fishing rod 5 5gp
Fly Fishing Rod.png Fly fishing rod 5 5gp
Fishing Bait.png Fishing bait 200 3gp
Feather.png Feather 200 2gp
Raw Trout.png Raw trout 0
Raw Pike.png Raw Pike 0
Raw Salmon.png Raw salmon 0

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