Fisher King Castle birdeye

Bird's eye view of the revived castle

Fisher King's Castle is a castle in Fisher King Realm. It is first owned by Fisher king and during The Holy Grail quest King Percival starts to rule it.

Revived Fisher King Realm Map

Revived realm

When you first arrive in the realm there are no doors to enter the castle. In order to enter the castle you need to ask the Fisherman how to get into the castle. Then a bell will spawn in front of the castle. Ring the bell and one of the maidens will teleport you into the castle.

After the Fisher king is replaced by his son Percival a doorway to enter the castle will appear.

ground floor[UK]

Fisher Realm Castle location

Ground floor

The ground floor contains a fireplace, a few longtables, and maidens. The Fisher king will be there as well unless you have replaced him with King Percival.

Fisher King Realm 11

Longtables and maidens a plenty

1st floor[UK]

Fisher King Castle 1st floor map

1st floor map

The first floor contains two bedrooms with a blue and purple floor. In the north most bedroom is a table with Magic whistle on it.
Fisher King Realm 10

King's quarters

2nd floor[UK]

Fisher King Castle 2nd floor map

2nd floor map

The second floor contains the prized Holy grail.

Fisher King Realm 12

The holy grail awaits



  • The addition of a doorway is not the only change to the castle when you revive the Fisher King Realm. The color and appearance of the stonework changes as well.


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