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For the scenery piece used in the Underground Pass quest, see Flames of zamorak.

Flames of Zamorak
Flames of Zamorak
Level 60
Experience 140

Flames of Zamorak is a magic battle spell that requires a minimum of level 60 magic to use. It is one of the god spells and requires completion to the Mage Arena miniquest in order to be cast. This spell requires 2 Blood-runes, 4 Fire-Runes and 1 Air-Rune to use. You must have the Zamorak Staff and Zamorak Cape to be able to use this spell. If you have level 80 magic and cast the spell Charge, then this spell's maximum hit is increased from 18 to 25. When successfully cast on an opponent, this spell has the effect of temporarily reducing their magic level.

Flames of Zamorak

Initiating combat with a giant using Flames of Zamorak.

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