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A pot of flour is an item typically used in the Cooking skill. These can be bought for 10 coins from several different stores. The easiest way for a new player to create this item is the following:

  1. Start in Lumbridge. Buy a pot from the General Store for 2 coins.
  2. Follow the path north from the castle, then west. Past the sheep, you should see a wheat field. Pick 1 wheat.
  3. Enter the mill just northeast of the wheat field and go to the top floor. Put the wheat into the hopper and operate the hopper levers.
  4. Go to the bottom floor and use the pot on the flour which should be waiting for you at the bottom.

Flour can also be obtained from the Flour Barrel in the kitchen of Sinclair Mansion, but you need to bring your own pots.


Flour can be used in combination with a jug or bucket of water to produce different forms of dough, used in Cooking. These are:

It is also used in combination with milk and an egg to make a cake, as in the Cook's Assistant quest.

Dropped by

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Imp 5 1 3Uncommon
Black knight 46 1 3Uncommon


  • The flour in a pot was more descriptively renamed as "Pot of flour" in RuneScape 2.